Why Winter Is the Perfect Time to Remodel

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It might not seem like it at first, but winter is actually a fantastic time for a little home remodeling. True, most intensive exterior remodeling is put on hold during the cold season, but there is a lot to you can work on inside the house—for example, finding a great company to help you install new tile in Brooklyn, NY in your drab bathroom!

Here are just a handful of reasons why winter could be the best remodeling season yet for your family:

  • Finding good contractors is easier: Most good contractors have their busiest hours in the spring, summer and fall—especially August through November. This makes it difficult to snag a reliable company to help you with projects. In the winter, it’s a different story. Most contractors have a freer, more flexible schedule, and this can lead to not only quicker scheduling, but quicker job completion, too, since you’ll have less competition.
  • Getting approvals is easier: Contractors aren’t the only ones who have a lighter schedule in the wintertime. Government entities are also feeling less pressure from the home improvement crowd. This means that when you apply for a building or home renovation permit, you’re likely to get it approved much faster. That means you can have your contractors get started with tile work and other home renovation projects right away, instead of waiting in line and trying to cut through red tape like you would have to in the warmer months.
  • Getting affordable materials is easier: As an added bonus, you might even get a bit of a break on the cost of supplies when you remodel in the wintertime. This is because many contractors find themselves with extra materials after the busy months and will offer them at a discount for your property. Additionally, many home improvement and construction supply companies are well aware that there is less demand for some of their products, so they’ll cut costs to get more sales. And who can forget Black Friday and other holiday sales? Starting in late autumn through early winter, a lot of stores will be looking to get rid of their summer and fall inventory to make way for new items. So, be sure to look for some great deals at your local home improvement stores before you get your project started.
  • Getting outdoor projects accomplished is still an option: Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you can’t still get a few projects finished on the exterior of your home. In fact, if you pick a day when the ground isn’t frozen, you might be surprised just how much a good contractor can accomplish! For example, many people have patios, decks and even new windows installed during the winter.

Whether you’re looking for new tile in Brooklyn, NY to spruce up part of your home or have a vision for an extensive renovation, Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. is here to help. Give us a call today to see how we can help you improve your space!

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