Make an Impact with New Kitchen Countertops

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The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home; it’s the place where your family and friends gather to cook, eat and socialize. Meals help bring everyone together, so it’s no wonder that so many homeowners want their kitchens to look elegant and clean, and to make an impact.

With the holiday season coming up, now is the perfect time to get new kitchen countertops installed to spruce up your kitchen and breathe new life into the design. Natural stone and quartz countertops in Brooklyn, NY are fantastic options, as there are many colors and designs that complement almost every kitchen style available. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference simply replacing your old countertops can make!

Features of quartz countertops in Brooklyn, NY

Although many homeowners often consider granite countertops for their kitchen, quartz is also a great option for long-lasting, beautiful stone. Quartz is a man-made material similar to granite. It can be manufactured in a wide range of colors and intensities to match your existing kitchen aesthetic and has a beautiful appearance and a quality of luxury.

Like granite, quartz countertops are extremely durable, so they won’t crack or chip easily, providing you with beautiful counters for years to come. They are also very resistant to stains and easy to clean, making them an excellent choice for the family that is always in the kitchen.

Adding new kitchen countertops can completely transform your kitchen’s look without breaking the bank! Adding a new splash of color or simply creating a more modern look with a neutral stone can change a drab, outdated kitchen into a brand new one.

When to upgrade your countertops

Choosing the right time to upgrade your kitchen countertops can be a challenge. Particularly in larger kitchens, new countertops can be a costly investment, but they are ultimately one that will increase the value of your home and improve the quality of living!

If your existing countertops are cracked, chipped, stained or are difficult to maintain, it’s probably time to replace them. Also, replacing your countertops is a great decision if you intend to sell your home, as they can breathe new life into the space and increase the overall value.

If you’re thinking about installing quartz countertops in Brooklyn, NY, getting it done before the holidays would allow you to show off the transformation of your kitchen space. Don’t delay in your decision! By working with a professional supplier of high-quality countertop materials, your kitchen can be looking new in no time.

Work with us for your new kitchen countertops

When you decide to take the leap and install new kitchen countertops, give the professionals at Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. a call! We fabricate natural stone and granite in-house, and also make and install both granite and quartz countertops in Brooklyn, NY!

With over 55 years of experience and a dedication to excellent customer service, we’re sure we can provide any and all building materials to meet your needs. Our inventory includes a wide variety of materials, and if we don’t have something, we can always do special orders if you’re looking for something specific! Give us a call today!

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