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If you’re planning a new masonry project for your home, you’re probably wondering where to find the masonry materials you need at a fair price. Many suppliers will try to overcharge you, while others will give you low prices on materials that seem great at first, but are actually subpar. Don’t be fooled by either type of supplier!

Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. will treat you like family and provide you with quality masonry supply materials at a fair cost. We’re a top masonry supply company in Brooklyn, NY and the surrounding areas, so we have the selection and knowledge you need to get the job done right. Here are a few of the materials we have to offer.


Whether you’re a homeowner embarking on your first DIY masonry project, or a professional bricklayer in need of a large supply, we’ve got you covered. Our brickyard has an immense selection of bricks and related masonry supplies, which are perfect for all sorts of projects. Try them for walkways, patios, fireplaces, arches, walls, floors and much more.


We offer concrete and stone pavers, so you have a wide range of style and design options available. We are proud to offer Cambridge pavers, and we’re happy to deliver all the pavers and supplies you need to your home or commercial site. Our pavers are perfect for patios, pool decks, fire pits, garden paths, tree rings, footpaths, walkways, flowerbeds and more.


For a blend of style and durability, look no further than stucco. This type of masonry has been around for centuries, and if cared for properly, will last for decades. As an added bonus, you have the ability to choose any color you like, since stucco can be mixed with any shade of paint for the perfect fit with your environment. Whether you’re a contractor, architect, builder or homeowner, you’ll appreciate our large stucco masonry supply selection—including full foam stucco systems, screws, lathing and stucco paint.


Our masonry supply inventory also includes tile—a sophisticated and time-honored material that can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, pool surrounds and many other areas. We have an unbeatable selection of tile materials, such as quartzite, glass, ceramic, porcelain, marble, onyx, stone and pebble, wood look-alike, slate, cement, ceramic and granite. We also have tiles and slabs that can be hard to find at other suppliers, such as travertine, metal and glass.

Natural stone and granite

Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. is the area’s premier supplier of granite and natural stone, in lightweight, long-lasting varieties to suit your climate. Our stone is designed for installation both indoors and outdoors, and its versatile nature makes it ideal for multiple areas, including kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. is your go-to masonry supply company in Brooklyn, NY, and we work hard to meet all of your needs, from early design assistance to materials delivery. Give us a call or stop by today to find out how we can help you get all the masonry supplies you need.

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