Solving Common Masonry Problems with the Right Building Materials in Brooklyn, NY

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Building and construction materials are made to last through decades of tough conditions and circumstances. However, even the best materials will someday succumb to wear, tear and aging. Bricks, stone and other materials used in masonry are susceptible to a number of different common problems that can take a toll on the aesthetic appeal of a structure, as well as its integrity. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to solve these issues and restore your masonry to the best condition possible. Simply keep your eye out for some common problems and make sure that you have the right building materials in Brooklyn, NY on hand to fix them:

  • Lime deposit formation: It’s not uncommon for brick structures to develop white lines that create a distinct form of discoloration. These white lines are actually deposits of lime that collect on your brick as a result of things like hard water from sprinkler systems. You can remove these chalky deposits by scrubbing your brick with a solution of water and vinegar. For an even more effective solution, you can use a commercial lime removal product from a store that sells building materials in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Cracking: As time goes by, the materials used in masonry actually change in size. In many cases, bricks shrink after they are initially installed as they interact with outside elements. This change in size can cause a masonry structure to develop large cracks between bricks, which threaten its overall integrity. The best way to prevent cracking from occurring is to ensure that the foundation of the structure is properly designed to accommodate masonry and that bricks are laid with the proper support and reinforcement.
  • Mold: Even though mold issues aren’t commonly associated with brick and stone, it is possible for masonry work to develop this fungus as a result of water damage and condensation. It’s impossible to eliminate moisture entirely, but you can reduce the chance of mold developing by minimizing condensation and promoting proper ventilation around your brick and masonry structures.
  • Bulging: When masonry structures are not designed or installed effectively, it is likely that bulging will occur. Bulging happens when the structure of a building becomes separated from masonry as it shifts and expands. The best way to prevent that is to ensure that your masonry is constructed with the proper bonding products.

For successful masonry projects that maintain their durability and dependability for decades, it is important to use the best building materials in Brooklyn, NY. At Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc., we understand how much of a difference quality supplies can make, which is why we have been carrying an inventory of outstanding building supplies for nearly 60 years. We are proud to provide outstanding services and products to all of the customers we work with. We even carry a product designed to remove lime buildup from brickwork. Regardless of what your specific needs may be, we would be more than happy to help you find what it is you’re looking for.

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