Planning Your Dream Kitchen? Here’s How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets in Brooklyn, NY

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Choosing kitchen cabinets doesn’t seem like a big deal until you have to make a final decision in preparation for a kitchen redesign or remodel. That means you must select cabinets that will define both the look and function of the space. If you are planning your dream kitchen, here are some tips to keep in mind that can help you choose the perfect kitchen cabinets in Brooklyn, NY:

  • Set a realistic budget: As with planning any home improvement project, you should set a budget before shopping around for new kitchen cabinets. First, know that you can choose between stock, custom and semi-custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are typically lower priced and either already fully assembled or easy to assemble at home. Semi-custom cabinets are a little more pricy, but come in more configurations to fit your kitchen better. Custom cabinets, meanwhile, can cost into the hundreds per linear foot, because they are crafted to your exact specifications and can have personalized features.
  • Select the cabinet doors first: Since the cabinet doors are the most visible items in your kitchen, your first decision should be choosing a door style. Popular door profiles include raised arch, recessed miter and recessed square, but you should make your decision based on whether you are going for a modern look, minimalistic design or a touch of something classic.
  • Choose colors and materials: Most homeowners envision the color of their new kitchen cabinets before focusing on anything else. Let’s say that you’re stuck between a few great color choices, and aren’t too sure which would look the best in your space. Consult a professional kitchen designer for help. You might also ask a pro to help decide on the cabinet material to ensure you choose the perfect material for your unique needs and design.
  • Decide on cabinet placement: Where do you want to place your kitchen cabinets? You might be replacing old cabinets for new, so the same spot may be the easiest placement option. However, during a remodel, you can switch things around. Put cabinet drawers, shelves and doors in the best place possible, while keeping in mind functionality and the overall style of the kitchen.
  • Pick the features: Extra features can greatly improve cabinet functionality, though the cost will increase. For example, useful features like a pullout trash can, lift cabinets with spring-loaded shelves and built-in charging stations are worthwhile additions. If you do decide to add cabinet features, keeping them essential will save you money, as will investing in quality construction.
  • Consider kitchen appliances: Whether you are keeping your current large kitchen appliances or buying all-new items, be sure they will look good and fit with the cabinetry you want. The cabinets should accommodate your appliances; the cabinet colors and materials should flow and pair well together. The best part about custom cabinets is that they can easily be designed with all your kitchen appliances in mind.

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