The Best Building Materials to Keep the Sun Out This Summer

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The right building materials in Brooklyn, NY can reduce your air conditioning bill this summer. Well-designed homes with good materials stay cooler in the summer and warmer in winter, making your home more efficient and affordable. If you seek a cooler home this summer, here are five roofing materials to help you:

  • Synthetic slate: Real slate tile is often above the budgets of most people, but you can enjoy similar benefits purchasing synthetic slate. Its light-colored earth tones reduce the amount of heat absorbed by your home. It also offers reflective properties that keep the sun’s relentless rays from heating up your interior. You can save money on utilities, plus enjoy the aesthetic value of slate without going broke on roof installation.
  • White flat tile: Despite its name, white flat tile is available in many colors. If you want a new look for your home and enjoy heat-reducing properties, this may be an ideal material for you. This is a lighter version of other tile roofing and it is made of ceramic, elastomeric material or cement. It is a long-lived roofing material that reflects as much as 77 percent of the sun’s rays.
  • Metal roofing: People often assume metal roofing is loud, annoying and expensive. However, you will not notice the difference most of the time, and it will save you money. Metal roofing is more expensive to install, but it lasts longer. It reflects about 66 percent of the sun’s rays and holds less heat in at night, making those roasting nights when your air conditioner fights the conditions a thing of the past. In winter, it will still hold in the heat that builds up in your house. Metal roofing produces more cost savings in the long term, and many people find that the initial investment is more than worth it.
  • Rubber membrane roofing: You will likely have to hire a specialist to install this option, but the long-term benefits are immense. This is not actually rubber but a single-ply, white rubber-like membrane that reflects light and heat and yet still maintains a warm indoor temperature in winter. It is a common option for commercial buildings and now, more homeowners are looking into it. Rubber membrane roofs have a life expectancy of 50 years and are resistant to all types of weather, from violent snow storms to relentless summer heat. This is a great option if you plan to stay at your home for a while or own a commercial property.
  • Overlays and barriers: Most heat-resistant roofing material is more appropriate for warmer climates. It will often not stand up to New York winters. Sometimes the best way to approach roofing and summer heat control is to coat common roof material. Elastomeric sealants, foam sprays and ceramic-based paints take common roofing and turn it into a sun-reflecting machine. You can also add a radiant barrier in your sub-roof or underpinning, as that will help you cool the roof—and your home. Consider adding reflective materials to your attic as well to enhance this effect and still remain warm in winter.

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