How Patio Pavers Can Make Your Home the Ideal Summer Hangout

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The great thing about needing to replace or spruce up a tired patio is that you’ve got more than one option. Some people will choose to lay asphalt, pour concrete, spread gravel or lay down slabs of concrete or stone; others like the look and convenience of paver stones. There are many benefits of using interlocking concrete pavers over other materials, such as their variety of strength, beauty and color options. If you aren’t sure pavers are for you, visit Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. and ask us to show you our supply of high-quality pavers.

Do you want your patio to be the go-to hangout area this summer? Here are some of the advantages of using interlocking concrete patio pavers in Brooklyn, NY.


Not only are interlocking pavers a fantastic option for patios, they’re also great for driveways, walkways and even parking areas. As homeowners know, though, plans change, and with change comes extra work—but not if you use pavers! Interlocking pavers are easy to pull up and move—a much less strenuous job than having to completely remove asphalt, concrete or gravel.


Even with a proper sealcoat, concrete and asphalt patio surfaces are doomed to crack with age and use. This is an especially irritating problem for homeowners who enjoy using their patios for relaxation or hosting summer dinner parties. If your patio is a high-traffic area, consider interlocking concrete patio pavers. Unlike gravel, which wears away over time, these pavers can support nearly four times the weight of standard concrete slabs, which means a more durable surface and longer life.

Aesthetics and curb appeal

Summer is the likely time for you to notice your patio looking worse for wear—the time to remedy the situation is now! Want your patio to have a classic look or a unique design? Interlocking concrete pavers are the perfect material for any backyard patio! The best part is that a lot of brands offer a variety of paver styles, designs and colors, giving you the flexibility to boost your home’s aesthetics to make it a place you want to show off to friends and spend time enjoying.

Simple repair and maintenance

As far as interlocking patio pavers are concerned, repair and maintenance is easy, simple and affordable for most homeowners. For example, if a paver or two become damaged or horribly stained, all that needs to be done is to remove the busted pavers and replace them with new ones. On the other hand, asphalt and concrete slabs are more complicated to repair. Resurfacing needs to be completed to deal with stains and cracks, and more than likely will need to be repeated multiple times over the years. Then there’s gravel, which must be filled in frequently, and the surface will become uneven over time and with use.

For a selection of stone and concrete patio pavers in Brooklyn, NY, visit Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. We carry a number of brands to work with a wide variety of residential and commercial projects!

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