Make a Bold Statement with Natural Stone for Outdoor Living Spaces

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Owning a house means you can make the improvements you need to create your ideal living space. Maybe you’re interested in using natural stone and are looking for project ideas. If you are looking to make a bold statement with stone for your outdoor living spaces, then check out the following suggestions before visiting a natural stone supplier in Brooklyn, NY:

  • Use natural stone for patios: Pouring concrete is likely the quickest way to install a patio, but you sacrifice aesthetics for convenience when you do this. If you want a rustic look for your backyard patio, look into installing natural materials like cobblestone or flagstone, which look great out in the open or under a patio cover. For already existing concrete patios that are still in good condition, you can incorporate a natural, more beautiful material right over the top.
  • Accent outdoor kitchens with stone veneer: Stone veneer is a popular choice to use on outdoor kitchens; in fact, many new homes come with this feature already built in. Place stone veneer around barbecue areas and stovetop grills, or use them as accent pieces to decorate food prep areas. The most desirable thing about natural stone outdoor kitchens is that they make you want to cook outside all year round!
  • Install cobblestones to create a stone walkway: Most back yard and front yard walkways are high traffic surfaces, but they can also be put in to divide different areas of your garden. Either way, cobblestones come in many sizes and can be laid in various patterns, often positioned in a walkway to create a “country” feel.
  • Add stone stairs: Natural stone is highly sought after because the options are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Consider a stone stairway, for example, which is a perfect example of functionality and beauty. Moreover, stone is a safer alternative to leaving dirt or grass hills as they are, and you can choose to build them up like a staircase or add them into the ground like stepping stones.
  • Build stone retaining walls: Whether your garden has stone beds or just plants, natural stone retaining walls do an excellent job at making garden spaces pop. Stone adds elegance with its texture and color, whether it’s an entire solid stone retaining wall or used as a topper for a low wall made of another material. Stone retaining walls can also be more than just decorative. Plan them right and they can be used as seating or planters for plants and ornamental trees, or to help manage drainage, irrigation and soil erosion.
  • Use natural stone around water features: Do you have a pool, hot tub or water fountains? While natural stone is a good option for pool decks and spa enclosures, stone can also take the place of plain concrete, wrought iron and other types of pool fencing. Stone is more attractive and easily blends in with other natural stone features in your yard, like walkways and garden beds.

Don’t wait to visit Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc., your go-to natural stone supplier in Brooklyn, NY, for quality stone materials to get your projects started this summer!

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