Brick Can Provide Year-Round Comfort for Your Home

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If you’re looking at building a new home in New York, there are many reasons why you should consider brick, chief among them being its ability to better regulate the temperature in your home. With New York seeing four very different seasons each year with regard to temperature, you’re going to want to do everything you can to design your home in a way that will provide you with year-round comfort at a reasonable price.

Here’s some information from a longtime brick supplier in Brooklyn, NY to consider as you develop your building plans.

What do we mean by temperature regulation?

There are some materials that retain heat better than others—this characteristic of these materials makes for more consistent temperatures in any given weather.

Wood is an example of a material that is very bad at absorbing heat, but concrete is the opposite—it absorbs a large amount of heat and then releases it slowly over time. Brick is closer to concrete on the heat absorption spectrum.

This isn’t to say brick acts in the same way as insulation. It doesn’t regulate a temperature that is independent from the outdoors. Instead, the material’s ability to absorb heat and release it can help control fluctuations in home temperatures. A house that has brick siding and a layer of insulation underneath it would have much less fluctuation in its interior temperatures than a house made with wood siding. This is an especially important trait to have in your home when temperatures drop off in the evening but get quite hot at midday.

Keep in mind that you still do need insulation when using brick. Otherwise you will not be able to maintain comfortable temperatures in your interior space.

Passive heating capabilities

Brick walls don’t just help to moderate your interior temperatures—they can also help provide you with some passive heating capabilities. So, if you have an interior wall that regularly receives direct sunlight, you can add some brick to that wall, so it will absorb that sunlight the entire time it gets exposure to the sunlight and then release its thermal energy back into the home. It does this slowly throughout the course of the day, meaning you get some passive heating well into the night, if the wall absorbed enough energy.

This provides some extra heating to your home that comes at no cost to you, making it extremely energy efficient and an excellent option for homes in temperate climates like New York that see cold winters. It’s just one more reason why you can consider making brick a key part of your interior design in addition to the exterior of your home.

Are you looking for more information about the benefits of using brick for your interior decorating or for your home building project? Contact a brick supplier in Brooklyn, NY with Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. We will be happy to teach you more about brick’s powers of temperature regulation and can provide additional home improvement recommendations to assist with your project.

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