Check Out These Popular Styles for Kitchen Cabinets in Brooklyn, NY

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Designing your dream kitchen is exciting. You get to draw out plans, browse ideas online and meet with an expert who will help design your space. When it comes to updating kitchens, the first things replaced tend to be the cabinets and drawers. Whether all you need are more functional cabinets or you’re planning a complete remodel of the space, it’s good to know that you have a reasonable list of options to choose from. Below, we’ve put together information on a few of the most popular styles for kitchen cabinets in Brooklyn, NY:

  • Shaker: Of all the cabinet style options out there, the most common these days is the shaker style. You’ve likely seen this before—it consists of five flat panels to create a frame, with four pieces creating a frame and a single flat panel sitting in the center. What makes the shaker style so popular is its simple and classic look that offers homeowners a contemporary or traditional design, depending on their taste. The most notable characteristics of shaker cabinets are flat paneled doors with rail frames, a sturdy construction, quality wood (maple, cherry, hickory, etc.) and utilitarian designs.
  • Flat panel: The flat-panel cabinet is also known as “slab.” This style refers to a simple yet stylish kitchen cabinet door. This cabinet style projects a minimalist look and displays hard lines, and people really love it because it doesn’t have too much going on visually. The detail—the appearance of flat-panel doors—makes for a fantastic addition for both modern and contemporary kitchens. Although flat-panel cabinets can be constructed in more than one way, the most consistent feature is the slab doors not having any frames. Instead, they’re simply solid slabs.
  • Inset: Inset style kitchen cabinets have an inset door placed inside the cabinet frame rather than on the outside of the frame. For the door to sit inside the frame and open and close correctly, precise measurements must be taken before the design and build processes. Something else to keep in mind about inset cabinets is the cost of the kitchen drawers and hardware installation. They are some of the most expensive drawers on the market, and this style of cabinet usually requires exposed hinges, but their classic look will never go out of style.
  • Distressed: Rustic, more antique looking kitchens are trending, and for good reason. This type of kitchen design looks phenomenal with distressed style cabinets, drawers and hardware and comes in a range of door styles (all with the corners rubbed off). Other wood distressing techniques are used to create that old feel and look.
  • Custom: Don’t think you have to settle for a premade cabinet style! If you don’t find a style you like or know you want something unique, another option is to have your new kitchen cabinets custom made by a professional cabinet designer and carpenter. Imagine how great you’ll feel being able to create your own personalized kitchen cabinet design!

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