Tips for Effective Stucco Repair in Brooklyn, NY

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Stucco is an attractive and relatively low-maintenance option to add to the siding of your house. When it’s properly installed, it lasts for decades, and can even last more than 100 years if properly cared for. That care is crucial, especially if you start to notice cracks or blisters forming. When you do see those imperfections starting to appear, it’s important to take immediate action to repair the stucco before the damage expands.

As you prepare to repair the stucco, make sure you do it when the weather is going to be ideal. The weather should be consistently over 40 degrees, at least, as freezing temperatures can ruin stucco when it’s still wet. Weather that’s especially hot, dry or windy can also prematurely remove moisture from the stucco, so avoid applying when it’s 90 degrees or above.

Here’s a quick overview of the processes you should take as part of your stucco repair in Brooklyn, NY:

  • Remove any loose stucco: If some stucco is starting to crumble away, you can use a hammer and chisel to get it away from the wall. Be sure to wear eye protection, and take care not to damage the wood lath underneath. Keep going until you’ve removed all loose stucco in the area and everything else is firmly stuck onto the lath.
  • Cover the lath: You’re going to want to cover up the lath you’ve exposed in this process, so use a piece of builder’s paper cut in a way that offers a tight fit around the boundary where the stucco meets the lath. Use roofing nails to fasten it to the lath, and then add a second layer of paper.
  • Add mesh: After covering the exposed lath with paper, you can then add on a piece of galvanized metal lath that has been trimmed so it fits tight around and against the edge of the stucco. Attach with roofing nails into the wood lath.
  • Mix the stucco: Mix the stucco in accordance with the directions on the packaging, using a wheelbarrow as your vessel.
  • Sling the stucco: Wet the edge of the existing stucco, then toss the wads of stucco against the wire until it’s fully covered. You can then use a finishing trowel to smooth it out, and a brick trowel to pack it tighter against the wall. Continue this process until the new material layer is about a half-inch below the existing surface. Once the wet sheen disappears, you can score the surface to prepare it for the next coat.
  • Second coat: Apply the second coat after about seven days. Mist with water, trowel on a thicker coat and continue following the above processes until the level of the patch is just below the existing stucco. Cover with a plastic sheet, wait a few days and apply the finish coat using a different finish coat recipe.

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