Make Your Pavers Look Brand New Again!

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You finally completed that paving project around your home or business. The paver surface has been walked on, driven over and exposed to all sorts of weather conditions, and now it’s time to clear away the signs of regular use. Like all other types of outdoor surfaces, you need to clean and maintain your paver surfaces. You know that important paver maintenance includes keeping your stone or concrete surfaces clean, but maybe you’re not exactly sure how to clean pavers. While brooms and leaf blowers are effective tools for daily removal of dirt and debris, pavers should be cleaned more thoroughly from time to time with an appropriate cleanser.

Some cleaning methods are better than others at washing away grime from pavers, but the options to focus on will also help you avoid damaging paver surfaces as you clean them. Here’s how to clean pavers in Brooklyn, NY to make them look brand new again.

White vinegar and water

Probably the most natural way to clean stone and concrete paver surfaces is by using a mix of water and white vinegar. Never use any vinegar other than white vinegar, though, as dark vinegars can stain pavers. This inexpensive cleaning solution does a great job removing stubborn stains and ground-in dirt—especially when used in conjunction with a standard cleaning solution. Start by soaking your pavers with the water and white vinegar solution. After about one hour, use regular soap and water to gently scrub off the stains and vinegar.

Simple Green

You can also use Simple Green to clean. It’s considered one of the most effective and safest cleaning products on the market for cleaning dirty paving stone surfaces. Another reason why many homeowners choose Simple Green is because it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. The absence of chemicals means there’s less of a chance your pavers will change color or warp.

Soap and water

Plain old soap and water still tops the list of the best cleaning solutions for maintaining paving stone surfaces. Simply take regular hand soap or dishwashing liquid, add water and mix together in a bowl or bucket. Use a clean brush to lightly scrub your paver patio, driveway or walkway.

Other pro tips

Buying or making a paver cleaning solution is easy, but you want to use the right one. Check out reviews about certain paver cleaning products before buying and applying. But no matter what cleaning method you choose to go with, you might want to test it out on a single paver first to make sure it doesn’t change color. Also, if you choose to hose off your paving stone surface, avoid putting prolonged pressure on the joint sand. Hosing this area can remove the sand holding your pavers together. If there are rubber tire marks on some pavers, you can clean them off using a rubber remover.

Now that you know how to clean pavers in Brooklyn, NY, it’s time to move forward on that paving project you have always wanted to do. For a selection of the best paver brands on the market, contact Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. today!

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