Should I Invest in Roof Repair or Replacement?

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Every homeowner knows their home’s roof is a crucial feature. The roof is your first line of defense against harsh weather conditions that can compromise your family’s comfort and safety. It’s no secret that roofing replacement and certain repairs can be costly. The final cost varies depending on the type of roofing material you want and the roofing contractors you hire. Because of how high the cost can be, the majority of homeowners will choose to wait as long as they can before pulling the trigger on investing in new roof installation.

It may be obvious that you need to tend to your home’s roof, but should you invest in roof repair or replacement in Brooklyn, NY? Below are six factors to look at to help you decide which route to take:

  • Roof has leaks: Leaks are not always easy to detect or locate. Most isolated roof leaks are along flashing points and can be repaired, while it’s better to replace a roof that is leaking in several places. The best thing you can do to avoid roof leaks is to go into the attic and look up and all around. Water pools, drips and stains are signs you need repairs, or at least that you ought to schedule a roof inspection to determine how widespread the damage is.
  • Age: Most roofing shingle materials have a lifespan of about 15 to 30 years. How long yours will last depends on the climate where you live and how well you’ve cared for it over time. A roof that’s damaged but still in decent shape might be reparable. However, a significantly damaged roof that’s nearing 20 years old or more should be replaced.
  • Cost: Roof repairs are less expensive than a complete replacement, but they’re sometimes more of a Band-Aid than a long-term solution to your problem. On the other hand, a new roof is a big financial investment that should last you for decades. Both options take away the worry you have about leaks and damage during storm season.
  • Future plans: When it comes to deciding between roof replacement and repairs, consider how long you plan to be in the home. If you have plans to sell soon and the roof is in good condition, then having repairs done makes more sense. If this is your permanent home, replacing a seriously damaged roof may be the wiser choice.
  • Tax credits and insurance discounts: Homeowners choosing environmentally friendly roofs may qualify for local or federal tax credits that can offset the cost. Also check with your insurance company about discounts for replacing your roof. Most policies offering discounts may require that a certain type or quality of roofing material be used in order to qualify.
  • Overlaying: If a new roof is not in your budget, and repairs won’t cut it, you may or may not be able to do an overlay. This is when another layer of shingles is laid directly over the existing roof.

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