Handy Tips for DIY Roofing

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Are you thinking about taking on a roofing job yourself? It’s always better to leave it up to the professionals if you’re at all concerned about getting the job done safely or properly, but if you have some DIY experience and feel comfortable with the roofing process, it’s important to make sure you arm yourself with as much information as possible before you begin.

Here are a few DIY roofing tips in Brooklyn, NY to help you complete your next roofing job without incident:

  • Make safety the top priority: Safety should always be at the forefront of your mind in any kind of DIY job, especially one that has you up on top of a roof. You should only do roofing work during dry weather, as the roof might become slick during rain or snow. In addition, you should make sure to wear proper safety equipment and use all the correct tools for any job you take on. You should, for example, wear close-toed rubber shoes to prevent slipping, and consider wearing a harness. You should also let other people know you will be working on the roof, and work with a buddy whenever possible.
  • Inspect the materials: Carefully look at all of the materials you use before putting them on your roof. Sometimes the shingles are inherently faulty and will start to crack even during the process of nailing them down.
  • Know the nailing processes: Faulty installation with nails can also be another big problem associated with leaking roofs, as can faulty shingles. If you place the nails too low, the nail may start pushing back up, which will result in that area becoming vulnerable to water.
  • Pay special attention to the valleys: The valleys in the roof are the spots where two roof sections come together. These spots may also be referred to as “ridges.” These are perhaps the most common places for leaks on roofs, because this is where all the water will flow due to the slope of the roof. If the valleys are not properly protected, there is a higher likelihood of leaking in these spots.
  • Fix all roof boots: Leaks also tend to show up around flashing, skylights, vents and other areas where items stick up through the roof and shingles. The rubber boots are often overlooked when performing roofing repair. This is the spot where the roof fence comes up. If the rubber boots dry up, they’ll crack and cause some major leaks that can quickly cause some significant damage in your home. You can purchase new roof boots at hardware stores. You might have to remove some shingles to properly install the boot, which may involve laying down some replacement tar. Be sure to put the shingles back in their proper place when complete.

For more information and DIY roofing tips in Brooklyn, NY that can help you with your next roofing job, we encourage you to contact the experts at Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. today. We stock all the common materials you’ll need for any roofing project, and in the highest quality!

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