Can Ice and Snow Damage My Roof?

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Whether you enjoy the winter months or you spend the bulk of the season counting down the days until spring, it’s important to make sure your home stays protected during the colder months. Heavy precipitation, freezing temperatures and snow and ice accumulation can all take a toll on your home’s exterior and cause lasting damage that’s difficult and costly to repair. Understanding more about roof damage from snow in Brooklyn, NY can help you prepare and protect your home during harsh winter weather.

Types of damage from snow and ice

Roofs are designed to be durable and resilient against a wide variety of adverse weather conditions, but roofing materials are still susceptible to damage during extreme weather. Snow and ice can be very harsh on roofs, and with this in mind, it’s important to learn more about how snow and ice damage roofs and how to protect your home against harm during the winter months. There are several different types of roof damage from snow in Brooklyn, NY:

  • Broken gutter systems: One of the most common types of roof damage from snow in Brooklyn, NY is broken gutter systems. During the fall, falling leaves and branches often accumulate in gutters and cause them to become clogged. If clogged gutters aren’t cleaned out, water can’t pass through them effectively, and it’s more likely that the gutters will crack and detach from the roof. To prevent gutter damage, it’s important to clean your gutters out regularly and get rid of any accumulated debris. It’s also a good idea to consider investing in gutter guards to prevent clogs from forming in the first place. This is an especially worthwhile investment if your home is surrounded by a lot of trees that drop leaves and branches in your gutters.
  • Heavy snow and ice: When snow is falling from the sky, it looks light and airy, but the weight of fallen snow can really add up for your roof. Accumulated snow and ice add a significant amount of extra weight to roofs, which puts added stress and strain on roofing materials and the structure of your home.
  • Ice dam development: Ice dams are common in roofs during the winter. These dams form when the weather heats up enough to melt snow and ice and then freezes again before all of the precipitation is shed off the roof. Ice dams can lead to water damage and leaks in the home, so it’s important to inspect your roof after the winter for signs of damage.

Roof damage from snow in Brooklyn, NY

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