How to Measure for Kitchen Cabinets

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A common homeowner complaint is that their kitchen is lacking in storage space. When the time comes to renovate a kitchen, the first thing you want to consider is how you are going to maximize space with your new cabinets. To get this portion of your kitchen renovation project right, you have to know the correct method to measure for kitchen cabinets in Brooklyn, NY.

Step-by-step guide to measuring for kitchen cabinets

Knowing how to measure for kitchen cabinets in Brooklyn, NY not only ensures this element of your renovation project is handled correctly, but will also save you time and money by preventing costly mistakes and setbacks:

  1. Snap some pictures: Trust us, you’ll want before and after pictures to use for comparison. You might even need these photos to use for reference down the road when sketching your floor plan.
  2. Lay out your floor plan: You’ll need some graph paper, a ruler and a pencil or two. You are going to want to actually draw out your kitchen floor plan and note where there are windows, light switches, outlets, water lines and gas lines.
  3. Take wall measurements: With your tape measure, you are going to measure the full length of each wall, along with any openings and small wall sections. Record these numbers in inches on your floor plan.
  4. Measure vertically: In three different spots, measure the height from the floor to the ceiling to note if there are any differences. Then measure the height between the floor and the windowsill, then the window itself and then the top of the window to the ceiling. Again, note these measurements in inches on your floor plan.
  5. Add obstructions: There are obstructions throughout your kitchen that will impact where you can build your new cabinets. Measure and note these obstructions clearly on the floor plan you’ve drawn.
  6. Include other features: While you are remodeling your kitchen, you’ll likely decide to keep some of your current appliances, furniture and other fixtures. Now is the time to add those items to your sketched-out floor plan. Save yourself some hassle by skipping anything that you’re replacing during your renovation.
  7. Double-check your measurements: Now that you’ve added everything to your illustrated kitchen floor plan, make sure all of the measurements you’ve noted are correct. Retake measurements and make sure you have the accurate numbers noted in inches.
  8. Make a plan: Now that you have taken measurements of your kitchen, it’s time to start planning where your cabinets will fit into the picture. There are standard cabinet sizes that will help you determine what will work best in the space available. This is when you entertain all of your wildest dreams for what your kitchen might look like and have fun with the process.

Now that you know how to measure for kitchen cabinets in Brooklyn, NY, it’s time to find experts in the field who can help you with your renovation project. Since 1959, Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. has been a trusted resource for families who are renovating their homes. We stock a huge inventory of cabinets so you can find exactly what you want for your kitchen. Contact us if you have questions about new kitchen cabinets.

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