Signs Your Chimney Needs Repair

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Your chimney might look great on the outside, but that doesn’t mean it’s structurally safe and sound. In addition to keeping your home safe and free from fire hazards, it’s smart to recognize these signs that your chimney needs repair in Brooklyn, NY. While not all of them are obvious at first glance, learning to spot problems can save you further damage and repair costs down the road. Here’s what to look for when inspecting your chimney for problems:

  • Damaged walls or wallpaper: Look for damage to the walls or wallpaper near your chimney. If you spot any, that’s a sign that there’s too much moisture in your chimney (often because one or more of the other problems on this list are affecting it). If you see this occurring in your home, get your chimney inspected and repaired right away.
  • Cracks in the chimney crown: When your chimney crown cracks or breaks, you risk allowing extra moisture into your chimney—the crown helps keep the exterior elements out of your home. When it cracks, moisture can intrude into the cement, freeze and create bigger cracks. This problem can be avoided by weatherproofing both the crown and the chimney.
  • Rust on the firebox or damper: Moisture in the chimney can cause your firebox and damper to rust, so be sure to inspect these areas periodically. This (and checking the walls) is an easier way to spot moisture damage than getting up on your roof and inspecting the chimney from that vantage point.
  • Cracked and broken flue tiles: If you notice cracked or broken flue tiles, make sure you don’t use the fireplace until you get it repaired. Thin slices of flue tiles at the bottom of your fireplace is a sign of water intrusion, and if you use the fireplace while it’s damaged, you risk causing a house fire. This is also referred to as “shaling,” and it’s a very dangerous state for your chimney to be in.
  • Damaged mortar and joints: If you’re up on the roof and notice that your mortar and joints are looking worse for wear, get them repaired immediately—otherwise, bricks may fall off, and water intrusion can create even bigger cracks.
  • Missing or popping bricks: Water can also intrude into your masonry and cause the stone or bricks to pop out of the structure—this phenomenon is called “spalling.” If left unaddressed, the problem will eventually cause the entire chimney to collapse. It’s easy to spot because bricks or stone will pop or fall out of the structure—if you see this happening, call a repair contractor right away.

Now that you know the most common signs of chimney damage in Brooklyn, NY, be sure to regularly inspect your chimney for problems and have a professional assist with any necessary repairs.

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