How to Repair Drywall

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Whether it’s a leaking pipe or a hole in the wall, drywall damage is fairly common. The good news is that you don’t need to hire a contractor to fix this damage—drywall is relatively easy to repair on your own at half the cost of paying a pro. Continue reading to learn a few handy drywall repair tips in Brooklyn, NY that will help save you a ton of money on your repair project:

  • Remove the damaged drywall: Using a framing square and a utility knife, create a perfect square surrounding the damaged area of the drywall. The square can either be large or small—it just has to encompass all of the damaged area.
  • Create a drywall patch: Next, take your detached square and trace out an identical square of fresh drywall. A utility knife is your best option for cutting out the new piece of drywall, as it will provide a clean cut every time.
  • Install the patch: Apply joint compound around the edges of your new drywall patch and insert it into the hole in your wall. Once it’s in place, use a putty knife and more joint compound to fill in all of the edges surrounding the patch. Let the new drywall patch sit overnight before continuing to work on it.
  • Sand and paint: The final step for drywall repair in Brooklyn, NY is to sand down the joint compound until it’s level and then repaint the area. If the compound is uneven, you may need to apply another coat and then wait another day for it to dry. Once everything is even and dry, repaint the area.

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