How to Take Care of Your Entry Door

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A shoddy-looking front door presents an awful first impression for guests and reflects poorly on the homeowner. For these reasons, it’s crucial that your front door always look its best! The good news is that entry door maintenance in Brooklyn, NY is incredibly easy. As long as you have the right cleaning tools and a few minutes to spare, your door will be in tip-top shape. This post will cover the basics of cleaning and caring for your front door.


Unless you’re vigilant, cobwebs, dust and other debris can build up pretty quickly on your front door. This might not seem like the end of the world, but when spiders figure out they can build webs without repercussion, they’re more likely to stick around! Dust your door every week or so to keep it looking clean and to prevent a spider infestation.

Wash with mild soap

On top of dusting regularly, another key element of entry door maintenance in Brooklyn, NY is washing it down. Harsh cleaning agents do more harm than good and can permanently damage the wood, so use a mild soap, hot water and a non-abrasive brush to scrub down the door. Be sure to rinse off any excess soap once you’re finished cleaning your door.

Steam clean

If you have an upright garment cleaner, you can utilize it to help clean your front door. Use the steam feature to soften any stuck-on dirt that won’t come off with mild soap and water. The grime should wipe off relatively easily after you’ve thoroughly steamed the dirty spot.


Another one of our top entry door cleaning tips in Brooklyn, NY is to use furniture polish. Apply liquid furniture polish to your door and use a clean rag to wipe it down. On top of getting rid of any dirt, the polish will make your door shine like it’s brand new. If your front door has glass windows, you can make them shine by cleaning them with a mixture of vinegar and water.

Wipe the fixtures

We’ve spent a lot of time covering how to clean the door itself, but you can’t neglect the fixtures when cleaning your door. Sanitizing the door handle or knob is crucial in stopping germ spread. On top of that, a cleaned and polished door handle looks a whole lot better than a dirty one.

Stain or paint

Every few years, you’ll probably want to consider staining or painting your door. Use a semi-gloss or high gloss product specifically designed for exterior doors. On top of lasting longer, these stains and paints will be a whole lot easier to clean.

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Following these entry door cleaning tips in Brooklyn, NY can extend the lifespan of your door for years. However, it likely won’t last forever. If your door has seen better days, purchase a new one from Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. We have a vast selection of doors that are sure to look great on your home.

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