What Outdoor Construction Can Be Done During Winter?

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Outdoor construction is usually thought of as a warm-weather thing, but the reality is more complicated. While a lot of the building business does move indoors, there’s still a surprising amount of outdoor construction that can be done during the wintertime.

Winter is also usually a time when construction companies experience a bit of a slowdown, so booking these types of projects in the winter could be the right idea if you’re looking to get a good deal. Furthermore, permits tend to be approved more quickly when the weather gets colder and business slows down, which means contractors can get to work on your home or business much faster. Outdoor construction in the winter in Brooklyn, NY could be the right choice if you have some of the following projects on your to-do list.

Exterior painting

This job is usually best suited for the late fall and early winter because it can’t be done in bad weather or in the freezing cold. Usually a paint job will start with a good thorough power washing that both creates a clean painting surface and removes any stray flakes that need to go before a fresh coat is applied. You can also opt for door and trim painting during this time to keep your home’s exterior looking vibrant throughout the cold winter months.

Remodel the hardscaping

If you have cracks in your walkways or paving stones, you’ll want to get those fixed before winter gets into full swing. Water can easily get into them, and the melting and re-freezing process causes more and more damage. It’s best to nip things in the bud and tackle your hardscaping as a part of outdoor construction in winter in Brooklyn, NY. Typically, this involves sealing up any cracks that have appeared or even applying entirely fresh coats of asphalt or concrete. No matter the solution, problems with pavement should be handled as soon as possible for safety’s sake.

Insulate and winterize

The wintertime is usually when it becomes obvious that you have insulation issues. Normally these appear around your windows or doors, so tightening up the insulation in these spots is a great winter exterior construction project in Brooklyn, NY. Your front door could be costing you a lot on your heating bills if it’s not properly insulated, so that’s where construction companies typically look first. Applying weatherstripping is usually a good first step, and it’s available in a variety of materials. Tubular rubber, magnetic stripping, door sweeps and reinforced silicone are just some of the ways cracks around windows and doors can be plugged up and prevent heat from escaping.

While a lot of major projects might not be feasible, many small to medium exterior construction jobs can easily be handled when the weather gets cold. Outdoor construction in the winter in Brooklyn, NY can be a great way to revamp your house while saving some money and having a wider choice of contractors to perform the work. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next remodeling project, give the team at Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. a call today to learn about what we have in stock.

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