Why Is There a Construction Lumber Shortage?

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Events of 2020 have resulted in a construction lumber shortage. What happened? A combination of factors has led to this lumber building shortage in Brooklyn, NY. Major contributors have included wildfires, a pandemic and a soar in lumber demands. Here’s the scoop.

Wildfires cut the supply short

The construction lumber shortage in Brooklyn, NY is due in part to the raging wildfires that engulfed forests in the west this year. Myriad trees were lost in California, Washington and Oregon. Based on reports by the Oregon Forest Industries Council, the wildfires in Oregon alone destroyed enough timber to build 1 million homes. This loss of up to 15 billion board-feet of timber, along with wildfires in other areas, caused a shortage in the lumber market.

COVID-19 lockdowns slowed production

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, many industries were shut down for portions of 2020. As mills closed and factory lines were put on pause, production slowed or ceased altogether. When production resumed, new safety protocols continued to affect the speed of manufacturing and processing of lumber. Due to these pandemic effects, there is now a construction lumber shortage in Brooklyn, NY.

Home remodeling projects increased demand

In 2020, quarantined Americans turned to home remodeling projects in droves. Stuck at home, with extra income they typically spent on vacations or other excursions, many homeowners decided to fix up their surroundings. This surge in home renovations increased the demand for lumber, so much so that it created a lumber building shortage in Brooklyn, NY. With shortages due to fires and reduced production, the market simply could not keep up with this rise in demand.

The result: Prices on the rise

Of course, the law of supply and demand is at work in this construction lumber shortage in Brooklyn, NY. Demand is high and supply is low, so prices continue to rise. The National Association of Home Builders reported a 170 percent increase in lumber prices between April and September of 2020. Fortunately, these prices leveled off and began to dip in the fall, but they are inching up again this year.

Another option: Alternative materials

While lumber prices are high, some homeowners are turning to alternative materials. Metal framing is often a feasible option for many projects. To consider what options are best for your next renovation, consult with a local expert builder.

We’re here to help

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