Everything You Should Know About Construction Aggregates

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Without aggregates, the built environment would look very different. These building elements are indispensable in the construction process, increasing durability and stability of buildings, bridges, roads and much more. If you’re working on any building projects, you need to be aware of the uses and qualities of this essential material. Read on to learn about the importance of aggregates and what you should look for the next time you stop by your trusted construction aggregates supplier in Brooklyn, NY.

What are aggregates?

Aggregates are the unsung heroes of nearly every construction project. Whether you’re building a bridge or a small home, good aggregates provide a solid foundation that holds up to stress and the effects of weathering. Aggregates are extracted from pits and quarries and typically can be found at your local construction aggregates supplier in Brooklyn, NY. They’re classified using the following terms:

  • Crushed rock: Igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic rocks are extracted and crushed to a desired texture and size.
  • Gravel: This product is indispensable for road construction. Gravel deposits produced by natural processes like erosion are extracted for use in a number of construction applications.
  • Sand: Sand is actually very finely crushed stone. It’s used in road construction or in the manufacture of concrete.
  • Recycled concrete: Many construction projects use recycled concrete to create a firm base for a structure. As the name implies, it’s made by grinding, breaking or cutting existing concrete and using it in new construction applications.

Why are aggregates used in construction?

Aggregates have many applications when it comes to the construction industry. They’re added to binding media—including water, cement or asphalt—to produce consistent strength and durability. A typical concrete mix can contain up to 80 percent aggregate—it’s clear that without aggregates, the structures built over millennia wouldn’t be possible.

What are the qualities of a good aggregate?

The more uniform and consistent an aggregate, the better it is for building. While all aggregates need to be clean and dry before they’re used, it’s the processing of aggregates that determines their quality. They’re mined, crushed, washed and separated during this process. The aggregates you choose for any application need to be free of absorbed harmful chemicals, clay coatings and other contaminants that can compromise the quality of your cement mixture. A history of good performance tells you how well an aggregate will perform in a particular application. In general, avoid the following aggregates:

  • Friable aggregates that are susceptible to splitting
  • Varieties with large quantities of soft and porous elements
  • Always avoid using chert, since it shows the effects of weathering, leading to surface defects

Whether you’re repaving a driveway or laying a foundation for a home, you need quality aggregate from your local construction aggregates supplier in Brooklyn, NY. Choosing good materials will make sure your construction project is built to last and will withstand everyday stresses and the effects of Mother Nature. Contact Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. today to learn more about what aggregates work best for your project requirements.

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