The Benefits of Quartz Countertops

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A quartz countertop will be an asset to any kitchen, providing a fresh new look and design along with plenty of years of usable life. While granite countertops are the current trend, you really can’t go wrong with quartz. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, you should get familiar with the benefits of quartz countertops in Brooklyn, NY.

Easy to take care of

Natural stone countertops do have a beautiful look. For appearances alone, many prefer marble and granite. But the reality is that these materials will need more maintenance.

Compare this to quartz countertops. These still look great but don’t require the periodic sealing that’s necessary for natural stone. Quartz is also non-porous, meaning it’s considerably more difficult for liquid to absorb into the countertop. This results in less staining and will help your countertop look its best for years to come.

On top of all this, all you need to keep a quartz countertop clean is a paper towel plus a bit of soap and water. You don’t need any harsh chemicals to clean off this surface.

More choices

With natural stone, the slab isn’t very malleable. What you get is a completely unique slab along with a variety of natural imperfections like unbalanced colors and fissures. Some homeowners prefer this, as it provides some unique flair.

But if you want consistency or a specific pattern for your countertop, then quartz is the way to go. You can choose from a wide range of color pigments so your countertop fits in with the rest of your kitchen. Quartz is a great choice no matter if you have a contemporary or modern look going.

In fact, if you really have your heart set on granite or marble, quartz can be engineered to look like these natural stones to the effect that you won’t be able to tell the difference. It’s the best of both worlds: that natural stone look with the durability of quartz.


Laminate countertops and solid surface countertops are inexpensive, but you get what you pay for—the quality and durability of these cheaper options isn’t great. Quartz has a similar cost to granite, but you get a more durable surface. Most quartz countertops will last for the entire lifetime of the home they’re installed in. You simply get the most bang for your buck with quartz.


It’s hard to beat quartz when it comes to a long-lasting surface. It can take a beating without showing scratches, cracks or blemishes. In fact, it’s easy to obtain a warranty for up to 25 years on a quartz countertop—that’s how certain it is that they’ll last for decades.

When you’re looking for quality quartz countertops in Brooklyn, NY at prices you can afford, come to Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. We’re a family-owned business that’s been serving customers in Brooklyn, New York since 1959. We specialize in natural stones such as bluestone, granite banisters and countertops and various different styles of tile. Give us a call today or stop by to learn more!

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