What Are the Benefits of Manufactured Stone?

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Natural stone has a beautiful look that many people love. However, it comes at a high cost. That’s where manufactured stone comes in. This is a more affordable alternative that still offers the great look of natural stone. If you want an earthy look that will be easier to install and remove, check out the stock at a manufactured stone supplier in Brooklyn, NY. Read on to find out why many homeowners are finding that a manufactured stone veneer can’t be beat.


Manufactured stone is designed from a mix of iron oxides and stone aggregates to create the look and feel of real stone. Panels of manufactured stone are made in molds that imitate the appearance of popular stone arrangements. This material may also be referred to as veneer or architectural stone. It’s useful in a wide range of both indoor and outdoor projects.

For example, one use for manufactured stone is the bottom border surrounding a home. It’s also used on wrap porch columns or on concrete stairs. Other uses include the exterior of the fireplace, a kitchen backsplash or as an accent. Manufactured stone comes in a range of shapes, colors and textures, meaning it can be used in a variety of ways.


The growing demand for stone has led to the creation of alternatives to natural stone. Natural stone is heavy, difficult to harvest and difficult to transport. Then it has to be trimmed and secured before it can be used in a home project. The costs add up quickly.

On the other hand, manufactured stone is typically only an inch or two thick, so it’s a fraction of the weight. No need to stack and cement heavy stones on top of each other. These manufactured stone veneers are easily installed to a wall using a mortar. After installation you can enjoy your new manufactured stone piece for years to come.


Pallets of natural stone may weigh thousands of pounds. That makes it very difficult to transport and make into a usable product. Once the project has started, the weight and awkwardness of natural stone may again result in it being difficult to lift into place.

Compare that to a manufactured stone veneer. These come in easy-to-cut sheets that make installation in natural-looking panels simple to complete. You can cover large areas with this veneer with no problem. Next time you’re considering remodeling, check out the excellent variety of manufactured stone offerings that can add both beauty and function to your home.

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