Is It Cheaper to Lay Concrete or Pavers?

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Now that spring is here and summer is just a couple short months away, it’s a great time to make sure your outdoor space is ready for relaxing, spending time with family members and entertaining guests. If you’re planning a hardscaping project for your pool deck, patio or garden walkway, you might be trying to decide whether to lay concrete or use patio pavers in Brooklyn, NY. Read on to learn more about some of the differences between these two options and which one is likely to cost you less.

Differences between poured concrete and concrete pavers

Poured concrete is laid out in a single slab on a surface and cures to form a uniform concrete surface. This is a common option for pool decks and patios, since it instantly creates a large, solid surface in an outdoor space. Poured concrete can be customized with stamps and dyes to create a more aesthetically appealing surface. Concrete pavers, on the other hand, are smaller individual pieces that come in a variety of sizes, designs and styles and are laid individually and connected to each other as they are installed.

Cost considerations for patio pavers and poured concrete

A lot of property owners make a choice between patio pavers and poured concrete based primarily on cost. The factor that most people focus on is the upfront cost to have pavers or poured concrete installed. Poured concrete is typically much less expensive per square foot than concrete pavers, but that isn’t the only factor that affects price. In addition to upfront installation costs, there are also the costs of maintenance and replacement over time.

Poured concrete typically costs more to repair when it gets damaged. When poured concrete is damaged, it must essentially be completely torn apart and removed before it can be replaced, and that is a very expensive process. Pavers, on the other hand, can be removed individually and be replaced by new pavers seamlessly if they sustain damage. This makes them much more affordable to repair and replace and eliminates the need for extensive repair projects when damage occurs.

Another important thing to keep in mind when deciding between poured concrete and patio pavers in Brooklyn, NY is that patio pavers can offer a better boost to home value than poured concrete. Because pavers are more aesthetically appealing, they can do more for home value and curb appeal. This means that pavers can actually be a more cost-effective option that offers a better return on investment than poured concrete in the long run.

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