Brick and Masonry Services in Brooklyn, NY

Bricks can be used in so many projects from entire houses to pavers, fireplaces, and more. No matter what type of project, whether you’re a homeowner who’s avid about DIY projects or a professional bricklayer, you need a building supply source and brickyard that has nearly an infinite selection of bricks and other masonry supplies.Are you a homeowner who’s new to masonry? Luisi Building Materials in Brooklyn, NY, has the experience and the knowledge to help any homeowner choose the right bricks and supplies for their next masonry project. We can guide you in your selection of bricks for these projects and more:

Masonry Supplies Brooklyn – Bricks

Here at Luisi Building Materials, we offer a myriad of Masonry Supplies and a variety of brick designs and colors. For instance antique look bricks or modern looking bricks supplied from Brooklyn NYC to the tri state area and around the world. We provide the highest-quality brands, including:

Here at Luisi Building Materials we also offer the unique ability to create special orders of bricks to match certain styles that a customer might desire. Bring in a picture of what you require and we can create it for you! We can match bricks and architectural designs so your dreams can be realized with our Masonry Supplies.

At Luisi Building Materials in Brooklyn, NY, we have the variety, the selection, and the ability to make you the bricks you need no matter how big your project is. For the quality masonry and building supplies, you count on, call us today.