The right concrete and aggregate mix go a long way toward guaranteeing the results you need for a paving project. When you need concrete mixes, supplies and accessories, turn to Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. We know concrete and have proudly supplied products to customers throughout Brooklyn, NY, across Long Island and around the Tri-State area. We’ll ensure you have the concrete mix you need and the products to pave and finish it according to every project’s exacting demands.

Concrete Mixes

Concrete is often the foundation for many construction projects. The longevity, stability and resilience of your project depends on having the right concrete mixes at your disposal. Look to us to provide them. From Portland cement to high tensile strength mixes, we supply contractors and construction professionals with the right concrete mix for their specific project—whether they’re paving a walkway or pouring the foundation for a new home.
We don’t sell ready-mix concrete. Instead, we make sure you’re getting the right aggregate mixture for your needs, so the results perform as you need them to. Rest assured our mixes will help you meet code for whatever development you’re working on.


Concrete Accessories

In addition to mixes, we sell concrete accessories to Brooklyn, NY contractors. This includes everything from trowels and smoothers to stand mixers and more. Our mission is to help you not only mix and pour with confidence, but to pave and finish your concrete projects to a superior level of quality.

Your Trusted Concrete Supplier

The quality of concrete products can (literally) lay the foundation for the success and longevity of a building project. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Choose Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. for concrete mixes and accessories and let us provide you with the best in the business, bar none. Reach us today at 718-232-5757 to discuss your concrete needs and to get a great deal on concrete products.