Cones and Flags

Flagging and area designation are part of what it takes to keep a worksite organized and safe. To coordinate your site, make sure you’ve got construction cones and flags handy. You’ll find these materials and more at a great price from Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. We help construction customers across Brooklyn, NY get the markers and identifiers they need to organize everything from vehicle paths to material drop points, so everyone stays safe while they work.

  • Cones: We supply construction cones for marking off driving areas and material deposit points. Choose from full-size traffic cones, miniature reflective cones and an broad assortment of other styles to ensure you’ve got the right ones for your worksite—cones that are universally seen and understood.
  • Flags: Construction flags delineate everything from hazards to checkpoints and are often used to coordinate the flow of a worksite. Come to us for a full range of flag styles, colors and types, to send the right message to anyone entering your work area. We’re happy to provide bulk pricing on construction flags.
  • Markers: Need specialty place markers for your site, to ensure materials are organized appropriately and potential hazards are accounted for? We have different stakes and markers available, for use on broad construction sites, no matter how busy yours is.
  • Signage: Proper signage is the key to safety and coordination on any construction site. Brooklyn, NY builders come to us for construction signage that makes things clear and easy to understand, keeping workers safe and workflows organized.

Getting your construction site ready for the next phase? Contact Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. to ensure you have the cones, flags and other markers necessary to organized and expedite site prep and critical functions. Contact us today at 718-232-5757 for more information about our selection of products and pricing information.