Construction Helmets

If you’re going to be working on a construction site, you need the right personal protective equipment. Nothing is more important than a hardhat. At Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc., we stock construction helmets and other protective headgear to ensure construction crews are well-protected while they’re on the job. Whether it’s falling debris or head-level hazards, we’ve got you covered against the dangers of a construction site.

Construction Helmets

Construction helmets are the de-facto piece of personal protective equipment on any jobsite. We supply them to construction workers and contractors in a wide range of sizes and styles, to ensure total comfort and protection while on the job. Our inventory spans all different colors and classes of helmet, to ensure professionals are protected appropriately against the specific dangers of their work and the jobsites they’re on.

Ask us about individual helmets, as well as pricing on bulk orders for your whole crew, and we’ll make sure you get the best pricing available. What we don’t stock we can order.

Protective Headgear

Beyond helmets, we’re your resource for protective headgear in Brooklyn, NY. From earmuffs to goggles and anything else you might need for head and face protection, we either stock it or can order it. Talk to us about your needs and let us put them at ease with quality products that are proven to stand up to the rigors of heavy work environment.


Keep Your Crew Safe

Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. is committed to the safety of construction professionals. It’s why we provide a huge assortment of construction helmets and other headgear to contractors across Brooklyn, NY. Contact us today at 718-232-5757 to learn more about our selection of protective equipment, including headgear and helmets. We have individual and bulk order options available, both priced competitively.