Fire Bricks

Handling a refractory concrete project? You’ll need fire bricks to ensure the integrity and lasting reliability of the build. Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. supplies Brooklyn, NY contractors, masons and specialty builders with refractory bricks for any and all projects—from kilns to chimneys, fireplaces to firepits. The quality of our fire bricks is unrivaled, lending peace of mind to your refractory construction project.

Refractory Applications

Regular brick and mortar alone aren’t enough to stand up to high-heat and consistent fire exposure. For refractory applications like fire pits, brick ovens, kilns and other installations, fire bricks are essential. We supply ceramic fire bricks for these applications and more, to ensure high-heat temperatures are controlled and that external masonry isn’t affected by these conditions.

Our fire bricks offer low thermal conductivity, ensuring longevity and brick integrity for extended periods of time, regardless of exposure. It’s why masons and contractors turn to us for fire bricks whenever they’re constructing a refractory project.

Available in Bulk Quantities

Whether you’re building out a small residential fire pit or an industrial-sized kiln, we’ll make sure you have the refractory bricks you need. As a trusted supplier of these and other masonry materials to Brooklyn, NY customers, we’re able to scale our quantities to meet your needs, with affordable pricing to match. Tell us the quantity of bricks you need and we’ll even work to coordinate local delivery, for maximum convenience.

Protect Your Masonry

Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. works with contractors, builders and masons to ensure they have the fire bricks they need for refractory construction. Whether it’s a small residential fire pit or an industrial-sized kiln, we can provide you superior-caliber fire bricks in bulk, at a great price. Reach us today at 718-232-5757 to discuss quantities and to coordinate local delivery.