Manufactured Stone

Manufactured stone is a great way to add flair and ambiance to any building’s exterior. To ensure these features look great and stand strong, make sure you’re procuring manufactured stone pieces from Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. We’re the supplier Brooklyn, NY companies trust, and we have a selection of prefab stone features that’s unrivaled, from steps and columns to stone siding and beyond.

Prefabricated Stone Features

Looking to add personality to your building’s façade or property exterior? Manufactured stone provides boundless options, and the selection at Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. ensures you’ll find what you’re looking for. From simple stone siding and steps, to columns of all sizes and intricate design elements for building façades, we supply prefabricated features that make it easy to beautify and customize your home’s exterior. Let us help you find the exquisite feature that takes your exterior to a new level of excellence.


We Order Custom Stone Features

We understand prefabricated stone features aren’t always a one-size-fits-all solution to exterior customization. It’s why we offer customization opportunities for Brooklyn, NY homeowners and contractors. While we stock a broad range of prefab stone features, we can also custom-order manufactured stone per request or work to customize a stock product to meet the specifications of your project. Consult with us about your needs and we’ll make sure they’re met. We can even dropship to your worksite or provide local delivery for customized pieces.

Bring Personality to Your Property

Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. supplies an unmatched range of manufactured and pre-cast stone features, giving you access to an abundance of options when customizing a home or business exterior. From steps and pillars to siding and additional features, tell us what you need and we’ll get it done. Reach us today at 718-232-5757 for more information about pricing and delivery.