Protective Eyewear

Your vision deserves the utmost protection on the job, which means wearing the appropriate protective eyewear. Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. will help you comply with OSHA worksite standards, as well as unique jobsite hazards. We stock a huge selection of protective eyewear and goggles, helping every worker protect their vision while they’re hard at work. We’ve got a huge selection of some of the best eyewear in Brooklyn, NY, at affordable prices.

Protective Eyewear

All it takes is one stray spark or a fleck of metal to cause permanent vision impairments. Every tradesman needs protective goggles to protect themselves from these microscopic dangers. We supply goggles in various styles and thicknesses, to ensure your eyes are properly protected from the unique elements present in your line of work. From welders and fabricators to builders and carpenters, we stock protective eyewear that’s comfortable enough to wear for the duration of your shift.

Eyewear Rated for All Trades

What kind of protective eyewear do you need? It depends on your line of work. Some contractors prefer full goggles while others prefer safety glasses. You might need eyewear rated against dust particles or durable enough to protect against wood or metal shrapnel. No matter the demands you have for your eyewear, we’ll supply you with appropriate eyewear at a great price. We’re trusted by construction pros, carpenters, metalworkers and other craftsmen across Brooklyn, NY.


Preserve and Protect Your Vision

From dust particles to harmful shrapnel, your vision deserves the utmost protection on the job. Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. provides an extensive range of safety products to professional tradesmen, to ensure they have a clear view of their work, backed by the protection of proper eyewear. Contact us today at 718-232-5757 to learn more about our eyewear products or for information about pricing.