Safety Masks

Inhalation risks are present on many jobsites, and the hazard levels can differ greatly depending on the situation. From dust and asbestos particles to noxious gasses and spores, you need to protect yourself from airborne contaminants on the job. Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. can help. We supply professionals across Brooklyn, NY with safety masks and respirators that filter out harmful particles, so you can breathe deep with confidence.

Safety Masks

Safety masks are a must-have for many jobsites, to prevent the inhalation of materials and hazardous dust and fumes. We supply safety masks in a variety of styles and ratings, bringing workers peace of mind while they’re on the job. From N95 masks for dust particle blockage to R95 masks that block paint fumes and oil-based particles, we know the dangers workers face and are prepared to protect them appropriately.

Our masks are available in bulk at great prices, to ensure you always have essential personal protective equipment on-hand. Tell us what type of mask you need and we’ll provide a quote on low or bulk quantities. We can also special-order masks we might not have in stock.


For jobsites with higher concentrations of airborne contaminants or professionals who require recurring air filtration, we offer respirators. Our selection of respirators includes both masks and filters in varying styles, available in varying degrees of protection. We have full-face and mask-style respirators and can order what we don’t stock. Let us help make sure every contractor on your Brooklyn, NY worksite remains safe.

Breathe Safe on Every Jobsite

Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. supports professionals with masks and respirators that keep them safe on the job. Let us help you protect against dust, carcinogens, spores and other airborne pathogens, so you can focus on doing the job and breathe deep when it comes to your health. Reach us today at 718-232-5757 to discuss our products and to learn more about what’s rated for your specific jobsite.