Tile Supplies in Brooklyn, NY

Planning on tiling a bathroom after a renovation? Getting ready to seal a decorative tile surface inside a commercial establishment? The right equipment goes a long way in ensuring the quality of the finished product and the longevity of the materials involved. Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. knows what it takes to do a tile project the right way, which is why we provide our Brooklyn, NY customers with the best in caulk, sealant and other tile supplies.

  • Caulk: Tile caulk is a must-have for sealing and finishing tile. Come to us for caulk in a variety of colors and materials, from latex to silicone. We’ll provide you with caulk that stands up to watershed and looks pristine, for a finished tile job that’s as resilient as it is good to look at.
  • Sealant: Need a surface tile sealant? We’ve got what you’re looking for, regardless of the tile material you’re putting down. No matter the porosity of your tile or the rigors of the environment, our sealant products will ensure your tiling is impervious to moisture and other contaminants.
  • Cleaner: Looking for tile cleaners and maintenance products? We stock and source the best products in Brooklyn, NY, to provide homeowners and contractors with everything they need to preserve the appeal and integrity of their tiled surfaces over the long-term.
  • Polish: Tile is a beautiful material that deserves to gleam! Put the finishing touches on your tiled surfaces using the finest in polishes. We carry a diverse selection, safe for all types of tile materials, from porcelain to natural stone.

If you’re laying tile or refinishing a tile surface, contact Luisi Building Materials Company, Inc. to get access to all of the essential supplies required to do the job right. Contact us today at 718-232-5757 and let us know what you need. We’ll make sure you get best-in-class supplies, tiles, and backsplashes at a great price.