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Custom Fabrication

Our facility in NYC is equipped with CNC fabrication machinery that, with a template, can create anything. All fabrication is done on site, transforming a slab of any material into whatever our customer is looking for. We can do special orders exactly to a customer’s specifications and we welcome projects both simple and complex.

Shop Drawings

Our CAD services are available to customers because of our proficiency with high-end design software. We can navigate even the most complex plans and take immense pride in being able to bring every detail into a CAD drawing that’s as thorough and complete as possible. We can provide our customers with CAD design files, renders, & shop drawings.

Material Matching

What type of brick did the original builder use?     Is this stone still available today? When it comes to material matching, we’re second to none!   We’ve got an eye for original materials and craftsmanship, and can explain in thorough detail exactly what you need to replicate an original concept in your improvements or restoration work. We can even source and order most things for you, making the process as simple as possible!


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